You can read about our customers’ experiences with the ProfiUro Infekt FORTE® food supplement here.

Lucie, 28 years, Nymburk

„I used to visit the urology department repeatedly and was examined due to frequent urination and a burning sensation in my urethra. No problems were ever found, but I have suffered from these symptoms for years, several times a year. I tried various products with 1 – 2 active agents, but the symptoms returned after a time. My urologist then recommended the complex ProfiUro Infekt FORTE food supplement to me, which consists of two various bottles and a blister pack containing several natural extracts, vitamins and mannose for a healthy bladder. I am finally taking something that really helps me, which is why I am on my second pack now. The price also seems reasonable. I found that this solution helps me the most, probably because the product contains a variety of ingredients and is therefore unique. I know I am doing the best for myself and I am happy with my life again.“

Andrea, 48 years, Vlašim

„For several years now I have repeatedly suffered from a frequent need to urinate and from a burning and cutting sensation during urination. I am always prescribed antibiotics, after which the condition improves. I was really unhappy with the situation because this happens to me 3 – 4 times a year, my immune system is now weakened and I also suffer vaginal mycosis. I tried various cranberry products, but they didn’t help me. Then, when my gynaecologist prescribed antibiotics to me, he also recommended the special ProfiUro Infekt FORTE product for a healthy urinary tract, which I immediately ordered over the Internet. I was surprised by how quickly I felt relief and now I don’t have to be afraid to go to the toilet. This natural product is perfect for me and I will keep taking it.“

Hanka, 35 years, Český Krumlov

„I have suffered from unpleasant sensations during urination and also in my lower abdomen, particularly in the summer, since I was young. This troubles me because I am frequently on sick leave and it also affects my sex life. I regularly visit my doctor with this problem and he recommended a new food supplement, ProfiUro Infekt FORTE, to me last time, because he has had very good experiences with this product. This product is interesting because it is a combination of three various products in one and it also saves me money, which is why I bought it at the doctor’s surgery for a bargain price. I don’t regret it at all, because it has helped me a lot and I now feel much better. I am glad I don’t have to keep searching for something to help me and I have already recommended it to several friends.“